Cod Fish

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The story of Cod fishing comes from legendary sources, who found their historical starting point in the Vikings era. They hunted the Cod reaching the other side of the sea, which resulted in the accidental discovery of the New World!

In the historical retrospect of cod fishing, the enigmatic Basque fishermen took the baton, who in the Middle Ages commercialized cod, using the method of salting, resulting, on the one hand, salted fish feeds them on their long and difficult voyages on their voyages to North Atlantic and on the other hand to realize the potential commercial value of this food, with its long shelf life and relatively low cost.

The salting has a maintenance role and not a taste one. It does not alter the nutritional value of the fish and especially does not affect at all the very beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids of the long chain type n-3 or omega-3 that are more common in cold sea fish. Due to the low percentages of total fat and the relatively high percentage of omega-3s, cod can be the main source of protein for young and old. Consumption of well-drained cod refers to:

  • It shields our body against cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduces the risk of ischemic stroke
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It helps ensure healthy eating behavior
  • It strengthens the mental activity of the brain and memory
Wetsalted Icelandic Cod 800/1200 gr * 25 kg Box 15 kg Box ≈1 kg Bag

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