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Pytheas Seafood is active in the production, processing and marketing of fish products in Greece and abroad. The company is headquartered in Triada, Evia, where the tarama, smoked fish and salt-cod processing line is housed.

The fundamental founding purpose of Pytheas Seafood, which differentiates it from its competition, is to lead the industry in the long term, through the continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and the implementation of optimum quality control procedures by experienced & trained personnel.

The company belongs to the Luberopoulos family, as well as two Icelandic groups of catch and procesing companies, VISIR HF and THORFISH HF.

Lymperopoulos Family

Our Story

The Liberopoulos family has been involved in the import, marketing and processing of quality fish from Iceland and Norway for nearly 60 years. Originating from Kalamata, the family's grandfather, Ioannis Lymberopoulos, began trading in 1956, exporting raisins, olives and olive oil from the Peloponnese to Western and Northern Europe and importing fish from the northern countries.

His son Constantinos Lymberopoulos then, after learning the job, in 1973 became the exclusive distributor for Icelandic cod in Greece and the largest importer of cod pasta (tarama raw material).


Visir is a 50-year-old Icelandic family-run business that has been operating in the fishery and fish processing sector since 1965. The company employs more than 200 employees and operates vertically integrated production lines - from exclusively longline fishing to packaging & distribution - at two factories in the Grindavik area of Iceland.

he company's annual capacity exceeds 15,000 metric tons of high quality catches, notably Cod, Ling and Tusk, with which it produces a very rich variety of products at its standard, worldwide facilities. The company's product range ranges from traditional wet fish fillets, frozen and salted fish fillets, dried fish to fresh (fresh) fish products and wholesale / retail markets.


Thorfish was founded in 1953 by local fishermen and their families, and still remains a family business. Part of the production process is done on standard production lines on board, while the city has two of the most modern production units in the world. Liquid cod holds most of the production over time.

Thorfish employs 250 people in its maritime and land operations. The company is headquartered in Grindavik, Iceland, with two freezer trawlers and four large fishing boats with hooks and lines. Fishing vessels deliver fresh fish daily to the two production plants to be standardized and further processed for export.

PYTHEAS the Explorer

Pytheas from Massalia (Pytheas, ca. 380 - ca. 310 BC), perhaps the leading ancient Greek seaman and explorer, is said to have discovered in his journey the most important fishery in the world, Iceland. Pytheas described his journey in books on the Ocean and Earth period, from which only fragments are preserved, in references to other authors.

Therefore, in a sense, his achievement is the imaginary bridge between two very important sites, Greece and Iceland.

Human Resources

Human resources are the most important part of Pytheas. The company employs 35 staff members. It is well trained and works intensively, with the aim of applying & adhering to the strictest quality control standards, for the products that end up on our table.

Quality Control

The company is ISO 22000 certified and focuses not only on compliance procedures but also on their continuous upgrading.

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